Vedagriha Meditours Pvt. Ltd is incorporated on 4th May, 2018. The main operation is to give medical support to the overseas patients. We have tie up with more than 100 hospitals and more than 1000 doctors all over india.

Now we are in to supply of Ayurvedic medical supplement for the one who is suffering from depression, body weakness .

This medicine neither contain animal fat nor tested in animals. This products are of superior quality and International standards, having 100% satisfaction guarantee,bio-degradable and Eco-friendly. It’s only an energy supplement and We have more than 10000 happy customers.

Our Medicine is the combination of THREE , Two Tablets and One Oil. The tablets is for oral consumption and it stimulate the immune system and purify the body toxins and blood . Also its repair the damaged tissues and cells . The oil massage to the penis and testicles results the strengthening of prostrate and erectile glands and tissues. Increase in semen and count, Increasing the size of Penis. The ingredients we used for this medicine are natural ayurvedic herbs. In actual scenario this medicine is not for the purpose of bed time medicine, consumption of this medicine will boost your body strength and it is an anti depressant also. So you will be active the whole day not only in your bed . We assure , your partner will scream with pleasure . Our medicine only boost your natural vitality no extra power or Inhumane. We try to get the lost power and body strength due to age, health issues or by any kind of injuries.

Our medicine neither contain any kind of steroid nor animal Fat. Other medicines make you addictive to them, once you start using such medicine for a long time you will have the risk of side effects mentioned above. We never make you addictive , we always try to cure your problem and once you cured with the prescribed course of time ( Normal cases will Cure in 7 Days ) you never loose the strength you acquired and you don’t need to have our medicine any more.

  • Ashwagandha
  • Satawari
  • Vidarikanda
  • Muringa Seed
  • Musli
  • Dasamoola
  • Kesar
  • Giloy Sat
  • Kouch Beej
  • Kali Musli
  • Nagakesar
  • Yasti Madhu
  • Jeevaneey Ganga
  • Milk & Ghee For Process
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  • Mobile 1 : +91 8867566666
  • Mobile 2 : +91 7034234207
  • Whatsapp : +91 8606952204
  • Mobile 1  : +91 8867566666
  • Mobile 2 : +91 7034234207
Hour Of Operation
Monday: 9-6PM
Tuesday: 9-6PM
Wednesday: 9-6PM
Thursday: 9-6PM
Friday: 9-6PM
Saturday: 9-6PM
Sunday: Closed

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